Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mods rage! as chat starts talking about Muslims! a shocking turn of events cause chat to be muted!!!!

In a shocking turn of events talking about the Asian doctor who had teeth beat out of his face on a airplane for not leaving a seat he paid for turns to a discussion how if he was Black/Muslim it would have been a racial thing. Followed by the Pro-Islam mods Lits and Caz coming in to mute anyone they disagree with as free speech must be put to a stop to keep people from coming to a logical conclusion to a discussion of current events!

CazSmiles crap mod
Lits crap mod
Lightphenix Good mod

#DemoteLits #DemoteCazSmiles!

[11:29:55 AM] [MOTD]: Welcome to DevPro-English! | Please do your best to behave. | Rules: | Patch Notes:| Discord: | New Tournament details:
[11:29:56 AM] [JCL]: is recall on here yet
[11:30:03 AM] [Cybernova40000]: no, I was late up today
[11:30:07 AM] [Nerosmoke]: vilot posion magican is a fucking cancer card
[11:30:18 AM] [Realgod1002]: Cyber the Computer randomly decided who had to leave the airplane. and the guy refused to leave the airplane so they beat him up and dragged him out
[11:30:32 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: united airlines overbooked a flight and forcibly removed a passenger by force and beat him up
[11:30:43 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I nagated posion magican 3 times!!
[11:30:43 AM] [Cybernova40000]: damn.
[11:30:46 AM] [JCL]: that was days ago
[11:30:59 AM] [Cybernova40000]: then yeah, U,A. deserve all they get#
[11:31:06 AM] Card_KingX sets fire to the secondary market
[11:31:10 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: i would sue the fuck out of united airlines and get all that lawsuit money
[11:31:13 AM] [Joeri]: The plane was overbooked with passagers, so they kicked him because supposedly they were asking for someone to "volunteer" for some additional space. The guy refused and punched him in the bad, while dragging him through the floor.
[11:31:23 AM] [Nerosmoke]: the frist time it was sent to the pendulm zone and he got the effect so I nagated and it was sent to grave and he got the effect again
[11:31:28 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: united airlines trying to get away with that bs but i;m glad they're getting sued
[11:31:28 AM] [Joeri]: the guys*
[11:31:38 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Like what the fuck am I right?
[11:31:45 AM] [Joeri]: I dont think that was proper either.
[11:31:53 AM] [Joeri]: That poor man lost so much blood, lol.
[11:32:02 AM] [Nerosmoke]: everytime you nagate it dam thing it gets to destory a new cards
[11:32:03 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: that united airlines ceo's response to the incident was so fucken lame too
[11:32:06 AM] [Realgod1002]: and not only the guy who was beaten got money... but every other passenger can choose to get either their flight money back, or get it back in Air Miles or as money for another flight
[11:32:06 AM] [JCL]: guy should sue them for every last penny
[11:32:24 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: realgod if he didn't want to get off he didn't have too
[11:32:27 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: he was a doctor
[11:32:27 AM] [Joeri]: I might not go to United Airlines after that shit going down.
[11:32:28 AM] [Nerosmoke]: That guy was a doctor who was late for his job
[11:32:32 AM] [Joeri]: I dont want to be next.
[11:32:36 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: the guys was a doctor and needed to be somewhere
[11:32:44 AM] [Cybernova40000]: I remember seeing that, I think; a guy bleeding on a plane. didn't catch the actual story
[11:32:52 AM] [Nerosmoke]: his flight was delayed for 24 hours before that
[11:32:56 AM] [Realgod1002]: yup. but a computer randomly decided He has to get off the plain cause it was overbooked xD
[11:32:56 AM] [Joeri]: I just think that's wrong, he was there and he didn't do anything illegal.
[11:33:02 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: exactly joeri
[11:33:15 AM] [Nerosmoke]: He was calm and got his ass beat by police
[11:33:16 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: anyone could've volunteered to get off the plane
[11:33:17 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: no one did
[11:33:21 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: why did he have to?
[11:33:27 AM] [Realgod1002]: Shadow he was picked by a computer
[11:33:38 AM] [Nerosmoke]: even if they did the doctor would have still been arested
[11:33:39 AM] [Joeri]: Fuck the computer and burn it to death.
[11:33:45 AM] [Realgod1002]: they had a computer decide who had to get off and HE was the target
[11:33:59 AM] [Joeri]: That doesn't make sense.
[11:34:01 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: united airlines stock already fell off the stock market
[11:34:03 AM] [Nerosmoke]: people have to stand up and take the fight to the airlines
[11:34:22 AM] [Joeri]: First of all, why does a computer determine if i have to lose my flight priviledges?
[11:34:28 AM] [Joeri]: Fuck that.
[11:34:32 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: exactly joeri
[11:34:45 AM] [Dotlof]: whats going on here ? lol
[11:34:59 AM] [Realgod1002]: that's the problem. they have your money. why should they care about u?
[11:35:00 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: that doctor is doing the right thing by suing united cause the ceo of uinted gave the shittiest statement and apology
[11:35:19 AM] [Joeri]: We are talking about the doctor who got dragged in the airplane, dot.
[11:35:25 AM] [Joeri]: United Airlines.
[11:35:30 AM] [Dotlof]: ah ok
[11:35:36 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: justice for Asians!
[11:35:39 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: lmao jk
[11:35:40 AM] [Realgod1002]: and again even the other passengers are getting compensation in either money, air miles &  a free flight
[11:35:52 AM] [Realgod1002]: that is the best part
[11:35:53 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Where was the doctors white prilivage why did he not play blue-eyes
[11:35:56 AM] [Cybernova40000]: United Airlines... Weren't they also the guys who broke the musician's guitar?
[11:36:11 AM] [Cybernova40000]: United Breaks Guitars thing?
[11:36:15 AM] [Realgod1002]: ALSO... we have to think ahead here... what if that Doctor had 2 be with a patient, and that patient died...
[11:36:24 AM] [Joeri]: That would be bad.
[11:36:34 AM] [Joeri]: United Airlines should be out of business, lol.
[11:36:38 AM] [Joeri]: Fire the CEO, too.
[11:36:38 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I bet the doctor was playing someone shitty like metalfoes or BA
[11:37:00 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: yes cybernova they broke a musicians guitar
[11:37:01 AM] [Dotlof]: hey BA is fun (pls dont kill me)
[11:37:03 AM] [Realgod1002]: Exactly... so. UA  might possibly have a death on their name as well
[11:37:05 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: and the musician made a song about united airlines
[11:37:06 AM] [Joeri]: People who own these big companies need to stop being assholes.
[11:37:07 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: lmao
[11:37:20 AM] [Joeri]: So sick of their bs and excuses all the time. Fucking own your shit.
[11:37:27 AM] [Nerosmoke]: BA might be fun but it wont save you are the airport secourty
[11:37:32 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: joeri that's why i don't fly united airlines
[11:37:37 AM] [Dotlof]: thats true
[11:37:44 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Dules on airplains
[11:37:49 AM] [zetabyt]: Holy shit, they actually made a card that makes the players play Rock Paper Scissors.
[11:37:55 AM] [Joeri]: After what i just witnessed, ill pass on United Airlines.
[11:38:03 AM] [Realgod1002]: this is what we forget... the Doctor had to be somewhere. him not being where he had to be. could have consequences for a patient
[11:38:04 AM] [Joeri]: I dont want to be a part of that...
[11:38:18 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: 3 SPYRAL agents dragged off Six Samurai Shi EN off a united airlines airplane
[11:38:21 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I bet he wishes he had stardust to save his busted up face
[11:38:40 AM] [Joeri]: I know this sounds evil of me, but would they do that to a Muslim, especially under Obama's administration?
[11:38:43 AM] [Cybernova40000]: @Nero: the jokes aren't working
[11:38:48 AM] [Realgod1002]: Joeri. ofcourse not
[11:38:53 AM] [Joeri]: That's what i fucking hate.
[11:38:55 AM] [Nerosmoke]: What jokes??
[11:39:25 AM] [Joeri]: They treat our people worse than tissue, while these people from other countries (no offense, just illegals) get special treatment and catered all the time. Sick of this bs.
[11:39:34 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: joeri it's because of donald trump
[11:39:37 AM] [Realgod1002]: Joeri... this is the shit that the world has to deal with... if u harm a muslim you are a racist but beating every other race of people is A-Okay
[11:39:48 AM] [Nerosmoke]: The only crime the asain guy did was that he was not muslim.
[11:39:54 AM] [Joeri]: These people force their religious views down your throat.
[11:39:56 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: with donald trump in power white supremacists have become more racist towards minorities
[11:40:02 AM] [Joeri]: Fuck their religion and what they believe in...
[11:40:09 AM] [Joeri]: Its not the good kind of religion either.
[11:40:19 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Fuck the asain religion and Juujuu players
[11:40:25 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: lmfao nerosmoke
[11:40:30 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: i'm asian myself
[11:40:35 AM] [LordAstral]: Personally, there IS no "Good Kind of Religion"
[11:40:37 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: but im laughing
[11:40:40 AM] [Realgod1002]: Joeri... WHY do u think that the voting in The Netherlands was manipulated to not have Geert Wilders win ;) cause he'll deport those muslims in a heartbeat
[11:40:41 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Shadow is too gay to be asain
[11:40:49 AM] [Cybernova40000]: I'm normally the one to call out attacking religion, but yeah: Any religion that calls for beheadings and jihad can be decimated to the last believer
[11:40:58 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: lmfao nerosmoke i'm a gay asian for u man
[11:41:18 AM] [Realgod1002]: Cyber which is racism.
[11:41:22 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Muslims on a plane
[11:41:37 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Asains on a plane
[11:41:43 AM] [Joeri]: Yes, but the Muslim religion is a rather putrified in nature. All they love is to kill those that don't conform, treat women as a minority, and push those who have different sexual cravings off buildings. Fuck that.
[11:42:08 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Even junk warror would have worked
[11:42:12 AM] [Realgod1002]: Joeri YES we know... but tell that to the goddamn politicians who want these fucking people IN
[11:43:03 AM] [Joeri]: I hate our politicians more than Donald Trump, lol.
[11:43:04 AM] [JCL]: who wants to tag on sat?
[11:43:36 AM] [LordAstral]: To be fair, that's NOT how Islamic Belief was originally. Islam was originally a peaceful religion. Extremists merely misconstrued and misinterpreted it to suit their needs (Kinda like Fundamentalist Christians. BURN!)
[11:43:39 AM] [Joeri]: Who the fuck are these people? They dont represent us or our values. They just represent their pockets for more money in exchange for being sold to the highest bidder.
[11:43:43 AM] [Realgod1002]: in the last month... muslims showed their terrorists way... 1st Norway. then the attack on the german football clubs bus
[11:44:11 AM] [Realgod1002]: HOW do people not see we have to eradicate them before they eradicate us
[11:44:12 AM] [Nerosmoke]: The asain dude lost teeth when he got his ass beat
[11:44:23 AM] [Nerosmoke]: they beat him so hard he lost teeth
[11:44:33 AM] [SMod][has199]: AFK
[11:44:35 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: k
[11:44:47 AM] [Joeri]: I agree, Astral. The problem is that the Islamic religioh is frowned upon now, because it has changed and now people are made to believe this is who they are and what they represent today. It's sad, but its not so easy to trust.
[11:44:48 AM] [Cybernova40000]: Thing is, Other religions mostly cooled off.
[11:45:03 AM] [Nerosmoke]: We all have to understand that the musilms are evil. not all but they are evel
[11:45:06 AM] [Realgod1002]: in The Netherlands 3 Moroccan guys beat up 2 gay guys for walking hand in hand. and 1 of them had a fucking concrete scissors in his hand
[11:45:28 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Realgod we are trying to say the muslims are bad not good.
[11:45:43 AM] [Realgod1002]: Nero... i gave 3 examples why they are bad
[11:45:47 AM] [Realgod1002]: for those who don't get it yet
[11:45:51 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I see only 2
[11:45:51 AM] [Joeri]: There's a few of them that are considered good.
[11:45:58 AM] [Joeri]: Very few.
[11:46:10 AM] [Realgod1002]: 1) Norway, 2) German football club bus, 3) beating up 2 gay guys for walking hand in hand
[11:46:52 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I dont get what you are saying the muslims did norway?? and they beat up some gays?? I am not sure what you are talking about here.
[11:47:01 AM] [Joeri]: I will always blame Obama for arming/training the Jihadists, while also doing the Nuclear program/deal back in 2015. Obama and co are responsible for this shit getting out of control.
[11:47:11 AM] [Nerosmoke]: what about the muslims raping white women?? why is that not on your list?
[11:47:15 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: I think it's time to end an argument that will result to nothing but a flame war.
[11:47:29 AM] [Joeri]: Sure thing, Caz. Love ya!
[11:47:30 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I think the mods are mad and pro muslim
[11:47:31 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: muslims are prejudice
[11:47:34 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: You can take it in pms if you REALLY want to continue
[11:47:36 AM] [BLT]: when does pornhub get the update
[11:47:41 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: they believe in GOD but kill other people
[11:47:44 AM] [Joeri]: Everyone respect Cazzy.
[11:47:46 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I am fine with PMs
[11:47:50 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: Thank you
[11:47:55 AM] [SchmelzOfen]: i like turtles
[11:47:59 AM] [Nerosmoke]: however who here is going to flame??
[11:47:59 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: muslims say GOD tells them to kill other people
[11:48:04 AM] [BLT]: when does pornhub get the updte
[11:48:05 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: Probably you
[11:48:05 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: thats how fucked up mulsims are
[11:48:22 AM] [Nerosmoke]: like we have been talking about this for like 10 min and no one is flaming
[11:48:34 AM] [LordAstral]: @[ShadowBlaze] To be fair..... That's the same reason given by the Crusaders (Who were Christian)
[11:48:39 AM] [BLT]: can someone answer me pls god damn
[11:48:46 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: how the fuk did this go from an asian guy getting beat up on United Airlines to Muslims
[11:48:46 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: Answer you what?
[11:48:57 AM] [Nerosmoke]: The mods come in like oh no they are talking about the muslims we better shut that down
[11:49:08 AM] [BLT]: when does pornhub get the update
[11:49:22 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Pornhub > Devpro
[11:49:25 AM] [Nerosmoke]: better mods
[11:49:28 AM] [LordAstral]: @[BLT] Why are you asking about Pornhub?
[11:49:30 AM] [BLT]: true
[11:49:35 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: lordastral those weren't real christians if they're gonna wipe out other people just cause they feel like GOD told them to do it
[11:49:37 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: No, we interrupt discussions that might not appeal to the general audience of this chat.
[11:49:38 AM] [BLT]: interested
[11:49:45 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: Or distrupt the enviroment.
[11:49:48 AM] [Joeri]: Caz is doing his shit and im proud of him.
[11:49:56 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Like it is always the same 10 people in chat
[11:50:12 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: Like I said, Pms will do.
[11:50:14 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: Cornhub is better anyway
[11:50:16 AM] [Joeri]: He's right, this shit was getting out of control, lol. Its politics and religion which doesnt make a good combo for discusiion.
[11:50:24 AM] [LordAstral]: @[ShadowBlaze] Then why do you assume that these Muslim Terrorist Extremists are "Real Muslims" for what they're doing? Your reasoning is contradictory
[11:50:24 AM] xShadowBlazeX Blows kisses at LightPhenix
[11:50:25 AM] [Joeri]: All it leads to is a conflict of interest.
[11:50:26 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: Politic as discussion, lmao
[11:50:34 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: It is a combo by itself
[11:50:38 AM] [Joeri]: Light, you're a politic -- politic.
[11:50:38 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Caz do you love the muslims or somehting?? like be honest?
[11:50:51 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: What's the discussion with Muslims?
[11:50:56 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: Light
[11:50:57 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: stop
[11:51:06 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: I legit don't want to see that up here
[11:51:09 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: LordAstral those terrorist muslims believe that they are the holy warriors of GOD and that they should wipe out every other race who don't believe in what they believe in
[11:51:12 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: Nero, I love how you love to try and anger the Mods, but it won't work
[11:51:13 AM] [Joeri]: Light, hes trying to stop this shit from blowing the lid.
[11:51:16 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: I'm in a bad mood
[11:51:22 AM] [Nerosmoke]: like muslims are the second largest religion but only the ones from iran iraq and all that are the bad ones
[11:51:27 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: @xShadowBlazeX I said end of discussion.
[11:51:38 AM] [Joeri]: Shadow, just relax.
[11:51:39 AM] [Realgod1002]: Phenix. this actually stemmed from the story about the asian guy on the U.A. airplaine that was beaten and dragged off the plane
[11:51:40 AM] [Nerosmoke]: I am not trying to anger anything I want awancers
[11:51:41 AM] [xShadowBlazeX]: in face those terrorist muslims need to be wiped off the face of the earth
[11:51:50 AM] [DEN][kokugatsu]: sup nerds
[11:51:55 AM] [Joeri]: Caz is a good friend, but dont make him an enemy, lol. This guy has a heart of gold, lol.
[11:51:57 AM] [Server]: xShadowBlazeX has been kicked by Caz_Smiles (drop the subject)
[11:52:07 AM] [DEN][kokugatsu]: O.o ima come back later, this convo looks serious
[11:52:09 AM] [Sukitsune]: Aight what has he done
[11:52:13 AM] [Nerosmoke]: Shadow was kicked!!!
[11:52:19 AM] [Mod][Caz_Smiles]: #Ab00se
[11:52:19 AM] [Joeri]: too much anger.
[11:52:22 AM] [Server]: This channel has now been muted.
[11:52:36 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: Now, to speak up here
[11:52:48 AM] [Server]: This channel is muted.
[11:53:27 AM] [Mod][LightPhenix]: When a Moderators ask you to drop the subject, you do so. Especially when such discussions, on touchy subjects like this, would not end well, most of the time, so please avoid them.

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